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If you're a Java developer like me you ask two questions about every major J2SE release. What's new, and what's faster (or slower). Tiger includes a large number of well-publicized, high-profile features like generics, annotations, or the full new API for concurrent programming. But the adoption of new features usually takes time, and until your J2EE product is updated to the new JRE; your corporate clients' admins let the new JREs pass; large teams get acquainted with new features, or complex systems are carefully redesigned to take advantage of such features. But even in these situations, it's always possible to move to the new J2SE as an optional deployment platform, just for the "free lunch" benefits of better performance or, as in J2SE 5.0, the JVM management features. My approach here is to look at J2SE 5.0 as an improved runtime for existing apps. I'm sure th... (more)

A Better IDE: NetBeans 6.0 - New Core Features in Depth

New features and improvements in the next release of NetBeans make it a better IDE for any kind of developer. From editing to browsing, versioning, building, debugging, profiling or visual design, there is great news for everybody. It's that time again. A major, dot-zero release of NetBeans will be available soon - over a year and a half after 5.0, which introduced significant new features like the Matisse GUI builder, and extensive improvements in CVS integration, Web services and module development, to cite but a few. In contrast, version 5.5 focused outside the core IDE by su... (more)